Unsolicited stock tips via SMS and calls are a serious menace plaguing the stock broking industry. In addition to the annoyance, this illegal activity brings significant losses to investors who fall victim, and damage the capital market ecosystem.

We've been receiving an increasing number of reports from irate clients who incorrectly assume that we are complicit in leaking their phone numbers to unscrupulous tipsters. We don't. We have reached out to other brokers, broking associations, exchanges, SEBI, TRAI, and various Cyber Cells in an effort to figure out the source of the leaks, and to curb the problem. We've come to the understanding that this problem is not unique to us or our clients, but plagues the entire industry. We've received reports of leaks happening at the telecom and SMS gateway levels. We, along with other brokers and the regulatory bodies are working hard to curb this menace, but unfortunately, not much has come out of it.

What you can do

Reporting via SMS

Reporting via the TRAI App

The legal side